2018 General Inspection Guidelines

Download General Inspection Guide (PDF) Click Here

As warmer weather approaches, the Board of Directors and Management will again begin conducting property inspections. Property inspections for the season will begin starting mid-April, and continue through October.

All property owners are required to keep up proper maintenance and repair on their property,as outlined in the Homeowner's Association documents.  Any violation of the Association Rules and Regulations will issue a violation notice.

Below are a few (but not limited to) items that the Association Documents require of Property Owners, and will be reviewed during inspections:

  • Grass and shrubbery should be properly cut and maintained.
  • Flowerbeds should be weeded as well as the expansion joint of driveway and sidewalks.
  • Exterior fixtures (windows, doors, soffits, siding, roofing, fences, etc.) should be maintained or repaired if damaged.
  • Proper paint colors are required on all exterior fixtures (doors, fascia board, etc.).
  • Lawn Signs are not allowed. Sale or Rent signs not exceeding 100 sq.in. may be placed in unit windows.
  • Trash receptacles should be kept behind the property and should not be seen from the front.
  • Trash receptacles should be removed promptly after collection, but not later than11:00 pm on collection day.
  • Pet Waste removal is required on the property, as regulated by the Township's Pet Waste Ordinance No. 5-1-98.
  • Leaving any equipment of any kind, including bicycles or lawn equipment on the property.
  • Storing anything in or on the Community Property without prior consent of the Board.
  • Unauthorized vehicles within the community
  • Any alteration to the unit or the exterior of the unit without prior approval of the Community Association.

Because we are an HOA community, any repairs or changes made to the exterior of the homes require approval from the HOA / Board of Directors before any work can be done. We have outlined a simple 3-step process to make this easy!

  1. Complete the Architectural Review (AR) form and submit with all required paperwork and photos(available online or from the management office).
  2. The AR Committee will review the request and approve, or ask for additional information.
  3. Once approval has been received from the HOA, as well as required permits from the township,work can begin.

We have enclosed a form for your review.

These steps help keep a consistent look and unity throughout the community.†


As a reminder, because the Orchards at Greentree is a Fee Simple Homeowner's Association, our community has a set of specific color schemes for all of the houses. Residents looking to paint the exterior elements of your home, you are required to provide an Architectural Review form for the request, and detail in that request the paint color.

The original colors for the Orchards at Greentree were "Finnaren and Haley" and called "Authentic Colors of Historic Philadelphia". These colors are available at TrueValue Hardware in Crispin Square in Marlton. We have also provided additional "Match" colors that can be used in place of the original color ifyou would prefer to purchase the paint from Sherwin-Williams or Home Depot:

You can obtain a swatch of these colors by going to any of these stores. Be sure to include the swatch and the name on your A/R form when submitting your request.

Please do not paint your home or exterior elements without first contacting the Management office and supplying a completed Architectural Review form.† Doing so may result in the obligation to repaint your home.†


Asmentioned above, the Orchards at Greentree HOA is considered "Fee Simple".  Fee Simple means that, as an owner, you are responsible for the exterior maintenance of your property.  A survey of your land will detail the exact area of your property boundaries, specifically the front yard, back yard, and the sidewalk in front of the house to the curb.  That means that the area within those boundaries is homeowner responsibility. 

The monthly dues collected are used for the maintenance and management of the common areas in the Orchards.  This includes the Pool, Club House, Playgrounds, electricity bills for the lampposts, etc. 

Homeowners are required to maintain their property according to the Associationís Governing Documents (Master Deed and By-Laws).  Should you have any questionsregarding these regulations, please refer to the Governing Documents that you received at settlement.


Always consult your Association By-Laws regarding your rights and the rights of the Association.

If you have any questions please address them to: The Orchards at Greentree Homeowner's Association

c/o Target Property Management, 2215 Old Marlton Pike East Marlton, New Jersey 08053